Terms and Conditions Overview

We have five sets of terms and conditions. This page will set out which of these agreements is applicable to you. These terms and conditions will evolve as the company grows so it's quite important to visit this section again from time to time and familiarise yourself with any changes.

1) Website Usage Terms & Conditions
This agreement applies to everyone with or without a registered account.

2) Privacy Policy
The privacy policy applies to everyone. This document sets out which data is retained by us and what we do with it.

3) Supplier Terms & Conditions
If you submit or intend to submit content please read this as it applies to you.

4) Licensing Terms & Conditions
This agreement applies to those who have purchased content licenses.

5) Referral Terms & Conditions
This agreement applies to those who intend or have participated in the referral programme.

These documents may be updated over time.

Please read and understand the applicable agreements, they are very important. If you need help or wish to clarify anything relating to our terms and conditions please contact support who will be happy to help. You can of course post in the help forum if you wish.

Stockami Ltd. 24 June 2012.
Terms & Conditions Overview
Website Usage Terms & Conditions
Supplier Terms & Conditions
Licensing Terms & Conditions
Referral Terms & Conditions
Privacy Policy