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Mar 31st, 2013
We look at every photo and bitmap illustration uploaded to Stockami at 100% and open all vector submissions. We look for technical, compositional and meta data issues (title, description and keywords). Descriptive titles and accurate keywords will achieve views and views will help your sales.

We offer a 50% royalty per standard and extended license sale for everyone plus a 20% referral system. Of course you keep intellectual and copyrights and you always have the option to remove any file you have on our system without notice.

We've set the payout threshold at $50 or over.

Sample reviews

Before you can upload your work to Stockami we need to look at 5 samples of your work. If you work in different mediums (photos, vectors, renders or Flash for example) make sure that you select the right category for the file type(s) that you would like us to look at. Try not to mix renders / rasters with photos. All five samples need to pass the review before you can start uploading your work. Model, property and source releases are not required at this stage.

- Submit a representative sample of your work.
- Make sure you include some variety.
- Watch out for technical problems listed below.

Be selective

Once we have accepted your sample files you will gain access to the upload system. We recommend using the Flash uploader for speed and ease of use.

- Always be selective. We only accept useful stock imagery that meets our technical requirements (below).
- Park benches, photos of trees and flowers and snapshots are best avoided.
- Watch out for duplicate uploads either in the same batch uploaded or already available within your portfolio.

Unless you are very confident we recommend uploading a smaller batch first. We do apply upload restrictions based on acceptance rates.

What sort of images are you looking for?

It might be useful to take a look at our featured artists when deciding if your work would fit in with the collection we want to build.

Colour space

All JPEG uploads must be saved with an sRGB color space for better colour matching.


Vector submissions must contain an EPS file compatible with EPS 8 or EPS 10 standards plus an accurate preview file of no less than 2000 x 2000 pixels.

Flash submissions must contain an SWF preview, a preview image 380 x 380 minimum plus a zip file of all files required for editing. Your preview image dimensions should reflect the height and width of your Flash file. Please include a readme.txt within the zip detailing instructions for usage.


Vector and photography files with 'your text here' or 'your message goes here' is something we normally wouldn't accept. The purchasing designer will probably have an idea where copy should go so we recommend leaving copy space blank.

Unless the image just won't work without typography please don't include it.

Traced illustrations

If your illustration has been traced you will need to upload your source material (low res is fine) via the model release / additional info upload button during the upload process.

Open filled paths within vectors

Open paths within vectors are not a problem unless they are filled. Open filled paths can cause problems during the printing process where the print system tries to close the path which can produce unpredictable results. The purchasing designer or the print firm would have to close any open paths and any that are undetected can prove costly. Not closing paths can cost time and money so we have to reject all vectors with this problem.


Keywords are as important as your work and vital for the success of the site. They must accurately describe your image. Only use as many as you need to. We do reject images with speculative keywording.

We don't have a problem at the moment but we've all seen what can happen if it gets out of control or too much control is imposed. If English isn't your first language (or even if it is!) you can get help with keywords in the help forum.

Try not to add generic words such as stock photo, royalty free or stock image. This is done for you via meta data on the page. All meta data should be in English.

Optional IPTC meta data

If you have IPTC meta data within your images our system will read it and populate the title, description and keyword input boxes for you making the upload process a one click affair.

For vector and Flash uploads the preview image should hold the IPTC data.

Renders / bitmap illustrations

Renders uploaded to the photography queue will have to be rejected. We need the right people to view this sort of content and they must appear in the correct queue.

Renders 'straight out of the box' or randomly generated to produce results that could be emulated by anyone with the same software will also have to be rejected.


We use upload slots to help control the flow of incoming work (see: upload slots).

HTTP batch uploading is available but we recommend using the Flash uploader for speed and ease of use. Both upload methods become available to you once your samples have been accepted.

Is it OK to upsample my photos?

No, as photos fall into price brackets based on their size enlarging photos beyond their native size will result in rejections or deactivations. We know it's common practice elsewhere especially with subscription sites but customers will notice the drop in quality and so will the reviewers!


Please save your images with the least amount of compression possible. In Photoshop this is usually quality setting 12 or 'maximum quality'.

Similar images

We can't allow *very* similar images from the same contributor.

All your own work

You can't upload work that isn't completely your own.

Minimum file size

Photos and renders / bitmap illustrations must be larger than 2 mega pixels. Images classed as medium size are acceptable here.

Logos and trademarks

We can't sell royalty free images containing logos or trademarks, this includes partially exposed logos. All must be very carefully cloned out in order for the image to be legal.

Noise, artifacts and purple fringing

Photos, as with all the file types we accept need to be as technically correct as possible. Purple fringing, excessive noise and compression artifacts will limit the file's usefulness and these files will sadly get rejected in most cases.

When do my accepted images become available for sale?

Once accepted they're visible and available for sale immediately.


We have recently introduced image categories to the site but don't worry, we do the categorisation for you!

How do I get paid?

Once you've reached $50 USD you will be able to make a payment request via the support link. You will then receive your payment via PayPal or Moneybookers (Skrill) within 3 working days.

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May 20th, 2014
What's all this 'yes' business?

Very glad you read the FAQ though, not everyone does!

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